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Our marinades are good on all food products. Outstanding as a marinade on steaks, tri-tips, roasts. ribs, briskets and all red meats. In addition, lamb chops, leg of lamb, pork chops, pork butt, stir-fry are all items which love Bordolay. Game meat-venison, buffalo, duck, pheasant, ostrich do very well with Bordolay marinades. Add a teaspoon to a hamburger patty and create a Bordolay Burger, like no other. Good on chicken dishes- roasted, fried or grilled. Mix with red or white wine for a unique taste. You can either marinate in advance or brush on when you BBQ, grill or roast. Add to stews, Mexican food/sauces, soups and gravies. Vegetables do very well with Bordolay: asparagus stir-fry (recipe on web), beans, chili, all tomato related dishes, brown rice is the best, potatoes and baked products. A Bloody Mary becomes a Bloody Bore with Bordolay. Spicy Garlic Plus is the perfect marinade for all fish related dishes. Spicy Garlic Plus gives fish that extra kick. Great on trout, bass, and salmon. Spicy Garlic Plus ingredients are the perfect compliment to all food dishes. There are recipes on the web site to try out and create your own masterpieces.
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