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The origins of BOR-DO-LAY date back to 1902, when Grandfather Radich came to California from Yugoslavia. He brought his wooden barrel and recipe with him, and sold his special sauce to his Slavic friends in the Sacramento area. In 1930 his son, Frank Radich senior, took the sauce to a new dimension.  He opened a contract food packaging plant in South Sacramento. The company made mayonnaise, salad dressings, mustards and the BOR-DO-LAY sauce. Frank’s products were sold to local grocers and chain stores throughout the U.S. and particularly California. When the plant was sold in 1965, BOR-DO-LAY was no longer produced. However, the Radich family continued to make it at home and give it away as gifts to their family and friends.

In 1989 Mike Radich (oldest son of Frank and Mary Radich) and his wife Geraldine Radich reintroduced the BOR-DO-LAY. Corti Brothers, Raley's and other stores began selling it again. This wonderful marinade is now sold throughout California, the Midwest and Southern states. There are four products in this product line with more on the way. All are made in a manufacturing plant in the bay area. The other products include wine and sesame formulas that Geraldine Radich has used in her home over the past 40 years. Products slated for production next year are the Hot Wing Sauce and BBQ sauces made with BOR-DO-LAY. All Radich marinades are free of fat and trans-fatty acids.

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