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There are some things you just always keep in the kitchen or fridge, and somehow use all the time. Radich's Bor-do-lay Marinade is one of those indispensable "things".

Some 30 years ago my mother discovered it in a grocery store in Folsom, CA. A few weeks later, when she visited us, she brought along a bottle. She liked it so much she bought a couple dozen, and was giving them to all her friends.

Here we are, all these years later, and in addition to the bottle in the fridge, there are always three or four on the shelf ready for me to share with a new neighbor or friend.

Whether I'm preparing Kay's Vegetable Beef Soup, Kay's meat loaf, our Stroganoff, Beef Logs, Beef Burgundy, No Peek Stew or Kay's Southwest Stew, a splash of Bor-do-lay is a special addition that seems to round out the full flavor of the dish.

During dinner someone will say "Oh, that is so good. But there's a special flavor I can't quite place. What is it?" and out comes a bottle of Bor-do-lay for them.

In addition to giving it to friends, Bor-do-lay Marinade is included as one of our favorite things on my family recipe web site,, where the above recipes can be found. (Sneaky aren't I?)

Thank you Radich family for sharing your marinade with our family for so long. I think I'm going to go in and make a meatloaf.

Oh, and thanks Mom...

Carl Depew
aka Carl DeCook
Concord, California

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