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With something as delectable as fish, finding that right taste can be everything. It is an experiment that requires the proper preparation and cooking, but even with that, you’re still missing something. That something, more times than not, is a delicious marinade, and with BOR-DO-LAY, you’ll never be let down.

Our fish marinades and game meat marinades are the last ingredient in anyone’s daily catch, crab boil, or lobster dinner. We’ve created a marinade sauce that gives fish the extra kick you’re always looking for, using simple ingredients and made by people who love to eat fish. Depending on what fish it is, we have the perfect recipe waiting for you.

From Folsom, California, we’ve been crafting these marinades for years, with you, the customer, in mind. What do they want their fish to taste like? Spicy, sour, or flavorful? These are the questions we’ve asked ourselves over the years, but we still encourage feedback from the customers. By doing so, we’ll continue to perfect the best marinades on the market.

For more information on fish marinades, contact BOR-DO-LAY today!

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